Naked therapist ​          Erotic talking                   Sensual massage                    Understanding and resolving sexual and conflicted feelings


I offer 3 types of services. I don't offer full sexual services.

1. Domination sessions (NO SEX)

What I enjoy:

- foot worship

- body worship

- facesitting (with underwear)

- edging

- giving physical pain (spanking, slapping, ballbusting)

- verbal humiliation

- anal play/pegging

- duo sessions

-forced bi sessions


What I do not enjoy:

-golden shower



2. Companionship session (min 2 hours)(NO SEX)

Are you bored with beautiful women, but shallow conversations? You need some hassle free company? First, you will take me out for an hour and then, go back to the hotel, to chill naked. If you like the sound of this, this maybe the best option for you:  

1st hour:

Option A. - drink/food date

Imagine me in a beautiful dress, as your gorgeous 185 cm tall (with high heels) companion, whom, will keep you both mentally and sexually stimulated throughout our time spent together. First, we go out for a drink/food for about an hour, then head back to the hotel. 

Option B. - adrenaline date

You want to have some fun and up for some challenge? As, I have a competitive nature, I am gladly "kicking your bum" in shooting/go-kart or any kind of sport, that I know or might never tried before. Once, we are done with the activity, we had back to the hotel.

2nd hour:

After entering the room, I will slowly undress, moving to a sensual song to make you forget about the worries of the day.

When undressing, I will get close to you, to feel the warmth of your body and for you, to feel the touch of my smooth skin.

Once, I am completely naked, we will take of your clothes too, so we can experience the vulnerable closeness of nakedness. Afterwards, we will move to the bed, where we can start our journey to the highest grounds.

We will decide, if me massaging you gives you more pleasure, or you massaging my naked body brings you more joy.

As, I possess postgraduate qualification of psychology, you will be encouraged to express any troubling thought on your mind, but of course, we can focus only on the sensation of the bodies.

When, our time is getting close to finishing, we will proceed to the bathroom, to wash each other's bodies off, either in the shower, or in the bath, if its size lets us.  

3. Life Coaching through submission (15 days)(NO SEX)

I offer 5 seminars, in which I help you to achieve the best version of yourself, I help you to love yourself. 

The seminars are held every 3 days in zoom calls (without camera), you are provided a word document each seminar, in which the seminar is summarised. Between the seminars, I ask you to complete certain tasks, in order to make you stick to the daily activities I require you to do. We keep in touch on a daily basis, I check up on you in a couple of texts. 

As, this is a 15 days long course, I expect you to be disciplined, and submit to me, as your Mistress in every sense.