Let's make this frustration turn into something useful..

Since, I am so sexually frustrated (on a daily basis), I decided to channel my sexual energies into blogging. Let's see what we have.

Twitter posts. Am I laughing or am I turned on?

Every time I check my twitter, I find something absolutely funny, or something that turns me on even more, than how I am in general...and as, I just arrived to Dubai, not long ago, and I don't have any play friends yet, all I have is, my way too filthy imagination, paired with some really juicy twitter posts [that might be a couple of seconds, but damn, they get my Delicate part pump hard].

Yesterday's fantasy

Huge dildos, fucking machines, gay porn, whatever you can imagine is there on my twitter wall. Some of them make me laugh on a level, that even I am surprised about, but some of them just make me wanna be there and do it myself, and some of them are not real...because they are animated. One of my favorite animator is Mr. X Toons, who have definitely ruined couple of Disney characters for me, but also couple my panties..

One of his short video is about two Disney characters (Tarzan and Milo, from Atlantis). They are in the jungle, and doing it so hard, that after watching the video, I knew, what I am going to think about, when I am masturbating that evening.

So, the time came, therefore I was ready to come too (no pun intended :D ).

I jumped into the shower, to wash off the dirt of the day, and whilst I was there, I decided to change my shower head setting from "Rain" to "Jet" in order to give the extra care for my Delicate and prepare Her for the reward I was going to give Her (yes, I call my pussy "Delicate" and "Her", just go with it).

Whilst my clit was getting bigger and bigger from the pressure of the water, in my mind, I was already in that jungle watching Tarzan getting it on with "Mr. Stretched-out-bum".

Once, I was nice and clean, it was time for me to get dirty again. I got out of the shower, dried myself and started watching the video again, this time with my fingers in my pants.

Even though I dried myself everywhere, my pussy was so wet and juicy, you would have thought I never used a towel. After the video I continued the story in my head, which was the following.

The story goes on..

I am naked, standing behind a huge leaf, watching Tarzan and Milo doing each other, they can't see me. It is hot and steamy in the jungle, but I am sweating from watching them and hearing their moan. I am so turned on by their passion, and I am so deep in my juicy pussy, I don't realize I am moaning as well. They hear me, so they stop.

Tarzan takes out his enormous cock from Milo's ass and walks up to me, offering his hand to me silently. I reach out for his hand a bit unsure, what is about to happen.

He walks me to Milo, who says:

"-Don't be afraid of him, he is not going to hurt you, he just wants to worship you."

As Milo says this, I direct Tarzan's hand towards my chest.

As soon as he touches my smooth skin, his cock gets even harder.

Seeing this, we all smile and I say:

"-Oh you silly boy, wait until you taste my juice."

With my other hand, I reach between my legs, stick my fingers into me, then put it into his mouth to taste it.

By this time, his dick is pumping very hard, so I grab Milo's head to make him suck him.

"-Good boy. Suck it. Beg for that dick." - I say.

Tarzan can barely stand, as his cock disappears in Milo's mouth, so I stop them.

"-It's time for you to worship me Tarzan. Milo, do not dare to let his cock out of your mouth" By saying this, I get on the grass, lay down on my back, and order Tarzan to start to lick me, whilst he is face-fucking Milo, who is also laying on his back.

He is licking me good, his tongue plays with my clit, his warm lips kiss my vagina lips like it was made for it. But now I want more. I want their dicks. I want their dicks being deeply inside me.

I stop Tarzan and I order Milo.

"-Come here Milo, I'm going to use your pathetic dick to pleasure my ass, whilst Tarzan, fucks my pussy"

I order him to lay on his back, so I can sit on his dick. My ass eats his dick up, like it was hungry for it. Once Milo's dick is where it supposed to be, I look into Tarzan's eyes, grab his dick and say:

"-You're going to experience heaven, so fuck me hard, fuck me as this is your last day on Earth".

As he pushes his dick inside of me, I grab his tight ass to pull him deeper, I feel both my ass and pussy stretch. I sigh.

"-Now show me what you're made of." - I say.

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