Him, the Lion, who tamed the Empress

As I was coming out at the arrivals, my heart was in my neck, pumping harder than ever before. I was searching for Him with my eyes like a hunting dog for its prey.

"Will he like what I'm wearing?"

"Do I look hot enough?"

"Will he be as excited as I am?"

My thoughts were all over the place.

And there was He. All handsome, tall, standing with a bouquet of flowers and smiling eyes.

I tried to hold myself back, so I don't look too excited, but all I wanted to do is to throw all my bags on the floor, run to him, jump into his arms, kiss him and tear all his clothes off and start to have sex with him there and then.

"Shut up Brain, walk gracefully, look like a woman, not like a child in a Disney store" - I was shushing myself.

"-This is for you." - he said nervously as he was giving me the flowers.

I thanked him and then leaned in to hug him.

As soon as he opened his arms, pressed his chest to mine, I felt all my power going away and, that my legs cannot hold me.

His smell, his warmth, his closeness made me lose control. I felt excited, I felt happiness, I felt like screaming, shouting, jumping all over the place.... and then... I just broke down in tears.

He pulled me closer. He knew I needed him to hold me tighter.

In the taxi I couldn't stop smiling and looking at Him. He couldn't take his eyes off me either. He reached to my hands like he was trying to say "Don't worry babe, I'm not gonna let you go".

We finally arrived to his apartment, he opened the door and showed me around.

It was all Him. The style, the smell, his art on the wall, his pictures. I felt even closer to him.

"-Would you like to have a glass of wine?" - he asked me as he was getting a red out of the fridge.

"-Definitely" - I said.

As, I sat down at the barstool, he was pouring me some. I drank into the wine like it was water. I felt really nervous and excited. Then I looked up.

He locked his eyes at me, like a predator, that haven't eaten for days. I gulped.

"-You're even more beautiful, than what I remembered." -he said.

I froze, I couldn't move or breath, I felt like time stopped around us.

He walked up to me, touched my face and continued

"- I've been dreaming about this for months"

He pulled me close and kissed me. I couldn't close my eyes, I didn't want to lose any moment of that evening.

As, his warm lips was hugging mine, his tongue was playing with mine, I felt my pussy becoming warmer and wetter.

I pulled him closer, our chest was touching and then I felt his hard dick pushing my leg.

As soon as, I felt his hard on, passion took over my whole body and I started panting and shaking from desire. He couldn't control himself either, he started to undress me by first taking my top off, and then getting rid of my bra. As, we carried on kissing, I was undoing his belt, and then I reached into his pants to touch his cock. He sighed and moaned slightly, just like me from finally feeling his dick in my hand again after so many months. His dick was dripping wet, warm, hard, made me go completely crazy. I couldn't wait to pull it inside of me.

As, he was kissing me, he was pushing-walking with me to the bed. I got on the bed with him being on top of me, then he suddenly stopped. He was holding himself with one arm and with his other hand, he grabbed my neck, looked deeply into my eyes and put his wet dick on top of my even wetter pussy and started to rub it on my clit gently. I was breathing so deeply, my chest was rising up and down with my breasts slightly bouncing. I could smell His intoxicating fragrance mixing with mine, which made me lose my mind.

As he started to slide his dick deeper and deeper into my burning pussy, I started to breath even faster, and then finally, he pushed it in completely, making me stop breathing.

He leaned down on me, our chest touching, my legs and arms wrapped around him and as he was slowly making me his, he whispered into my ears:

"-I love you babe"

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